Mandy's YouTube & Twitch Schedule

                                           Mandy streams on both YouTube & Twitch as well as posting videos on YouTube. Most of the time you can find her streaming one of her favorite games, but occasionally she will stream a movie watch party &/or some crafting as she makes products for Homestead Farm & Gifts from CM Stars. She'd love to have you drop by her chat. The schedule below gives days & times of streams, but it is always a good idea to follow her on Twitter or join her Discord to be alerted to any sudden stream changes.


YouTube Video & Stream Schedule

Sunday: Friday Twitch Stream Upload

Monday: Minecraft PPcraft Stream Series Live / Rising World Bubala World Survival Video(Every Other Week)

Tuesday: Minecraft PPcraft Stream Series VOD After Processing / 7 Days to Die Stream Series Live / House Flipper Video

Wednesday: 7 Days to Die Stream Series VOD After Processing / Minecraft Peaceful Projects Video

Thursday: Minecraft PPcraft Video(Every Other Week) / 7 Days to Die Solo Shenanigans Video(Every Other Week)

Friday: Wednesday Twitch Stream Upload / Animallica Nature Survival Video

Saturday: Thursday Twitch Stream Upload


Twitch Stream Schedule

Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday: Start times will be anywhere between 9-11, depending on what Mandy has going on that day, & run 2-3 hours. Normally the games played will be 7 Days to Die or ARK, but occasionally Mandy may play Animallica, House Flipper, or Rising World or possibly something she hasn't tried before.

Sometimes Mandy may do a Cinema & Crafting stream on a Friday instead of a game.

On the last Saturday of each month Mandy will try to do a longer stream, around 6-8 hours.

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