So Many Exciting Changes Coming

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Hi, everybody!
We have so many new & exciting things coming!
As you can see, we have new logos, & Homestead & CM Stars Apparel along with a couple of other things have been merged into CMS Living. Along with that merger, we are revamping old products, using new suppliers to provide better quality & prices, & we are working on many new products!
CM Dreams ASMR also has new artwork & a brand new Twitch channel which we plan to have streams on very soon.
Mandy's Twitch channel has all new emotes, badges, panels, & scenes. Mandy's YouTube channel has new artwork as well, & she is currently working on new scheduling & content for both channels.
CM Stars Creations now has a Discord, CM Stars Town Square that is a very fun place to be. You can find Mandy, Michael, Darth, Blue, Worlds Collide, & CM Dreams there among a bunch of great folks!
Speaking of Worlds Collide, they'll be back very soon. They're currently working on new podcast episodes as well as a couple of fun series.
Michael has almost finished school & plans to get back into streaming very soon, & Mandy has a few writing related surprises she will be revealing soon.
There is much more happening, but for now we will keep some of it a mystery.
Stay tuned to find out what those mysteries are, to see all of the new content, & to check out all of the new products!

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