Rise by Mandy Collins-Moore (Book Series)

Nobody expected the convention to be anything other than fun. Fans anticipated meeting their favorite creators & streamers while the creators & streamers looked forward to mingling with their peers & fans. It was supposed to be a fun weekend, despite the dismal headlines in the papers about the brewing conflict & the mystery illness spreading across the states. None of them could have foreseen the nightmare that was about to unfold. For one group of men, a fun weekend would become a test of their strength & character.

Before the incident they were ordinary people living ordinary lives in the real world, but in the online world they were heroes. It would take the near extinction of mankind to show them they were anything but ordinary in any world. As the dead rise so will a new breed of humanity led by unlikely heroes.

Featuring some well known & beloved gaming content creators & streamers such as Games4Kickz, Starsnipe, Kage848, Capp00, & GrayGhostZoro as well as some amazing up & coming talent.

Rise is the first installment of a series so be sure to pick up the second installment Rise: Mind Over Matter, where the adventure will continue with new characters based on more of your favorite gaming personalities.

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