Mandy Collins-Moore

Owner/Author/Content Creator/Worlds Collide Podcast Host

          Mandy was born in Middle Tennessee along the Alabama border, an area rich in history & storytelling. From the time she could talk, Mandy loved nothing more than telling stories which naturally progressed into her love of writing. At a young age she was fortunate enough to have the privilege of meeting the late, great author, Gregory Mcdonald. She carries his inspiration & influence with her to this day.     

Mandy met her husband, ML Moore, while living in Tennessee. The couple eventually moved to Virginia, & a series of events led to her becoming a Twitch streamer, a YouTuber, & releasing her first published novel, Rise.     

Today Mandy lives in Virginia with Michael & their fur babies. They have 4 children & three beautiful grandchildren. Mandy has released more novels with more in the works, creates content on YouTube & Twitch, & is working with Michael to build CM Stars Creations & all projects & channels it encompasses.

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