CM Stars Creations was formed by Mandy Collins-Moore & Michael L. Moore as a very small parent or umbrella company for their many different projects, endeavors, & brands.  The goal of CM Stars Creations is the same as many of the brands & projects it encompasses; to produce entertaining content while trying to make some sort of positive impact on the world. A few of the ways we strive to accomplish that goal are in the form of videos, books, streams, & working with various people around the globe.


     Hi! Welcome to CM Stars Creations! We wanted to take this opportunity to include this written post with our video filling you in on all we have planned for CM Stars to give you a quick rundown of some of the points we make in the video. However, before we dive into that, we would like to apologize for how lengthy the video is. We felt it was important to be in-depth with this if we're asking for your support. Now, below you will find some of the points we cover in the video. Please, keep in mind we go into detail on these points in the video.

Goals & Missions of CM Stars Creations
1. Build the company & all projects/divisions under the CM Stars brand to a point they generate enough income, visibility, & interest to not only support the company & our family but also allow us to support others through things such as promotion, internships, jobs, charities, & other means. We have already taken small steps toward that, & we cover some of them in the video.
2. In the future we would like to open a no kill animal shelter.
3. A full-service publishing imprint under the name CM Stars Publications. Ideally it will provide resources for writers, particularly new writers, to learn, grow, & polish their craft.
4. A production company under the name CM Stars Productions is a project we have planned for the future. It will help creators access resources to improve their content & produce movies utilizing the talents & skills of unknown or new writers, directors, producers, actors, & cinematographers.

   These are only a few of the goals we cover in the video, we have many other goals we fully intend to achieve. We realize they are lofty goals that will take time & loads of hard work, but we’re prepared to put in the time & work. Hopefully, you will see something in our plans that inspires you as well. Thanks for taking the time to hear us out!

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