CM Stars Dreams ASMR consists of a husband & wife team, Michael & Mandy, who discovered the benefits of ASMR a couple of years ago. Now, by each presenting their own style of ASMR, they want to hopefully do for others what their favorite ASMRtists did for them.

YouTube: @CMstarsDreamsASMR

Twitch: CMSdreamsASMR

Twitter: @CMSDreamsASMR

Instagram: @cmstarsdreamsasmr


CM Stars Dreams ASMR Stream Info

We will be streaming on both YouTube & Twitch from time to time.

Until we make Twitch affiliate, we have some emotes available through BTTV. Once we are affiliate we will have proper emotes made to go along with the BTTV emotes. To get BTTV click the image above.

During streams we will do our best to keep game sounds from being too loud. A lot of our content will be "No Talking", but occasionally we will have some soft spoken streams. During "No Talking" streams there will be no mic. Alerts will be very quiet or completely silent. Sometimes we may have relaxing music in the background, but it will be very quiet as well. Sometimes there may be little to no responses from us in chat, it all depends on what we are streaming live or if we are airing a rerun. When we do air reruns they will be labeled as such.
All of these things are for the goal of making this channel as relaxing & calming as possible for you & for ourselves.

Thanks so much for being here, it is truly appreciated. Happy relaxing! xoxo