Neili "StartingGrid" Eggert

Neili Eggert

Worlds Collide Podcast Co-Host/Assistant/Mod

         Neili is an amazing young woman. She has survived things many wouldn't have & came out stronger, positive, & willing to help anyone she can. She is proud of her faith, culture, family, & friends. Neili has been a strong advocate for a great many things, using her time & education to lend a voice & help to causes she is passionate about.

    Neili met Mandy & Michael in 2017 & immediately proved herself to be an indispensable friend & ally. Naturally, Neili was one of the first people to come to their minds when they began looking toward building the CM Stars team. Neili is the co-host of the Worlds Collide Podcast as well as an assistant at CM Stars & a mod on both Mandy's & Michael's channels.

    As if that weren't enough, she mods for several other Twitch streamers, streams on Twitch herself, & cares for her dad & brother. Be sure to check Neili out at any of the links below & get to know her a bit.

Neili On Twitch: TheStartingGrid

Neili On Twitter: @StartingGrid_

Neili On YouTube: TheStartingGrid